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Greener Living: Raising a GREEN family, including the four legged ones.

Greener Living: Raising a green family and dogs.

There are so many environmentally safe products out there to clean your house with and keep your family safe, this includes everyone with two legs as well as those with fur, hair, feathers, gills and scales too.

Green living isn’t just for the people in the house anymore.  Our furry friends can also live green.  From the food they eat and toys they play with to the shampoo they hate that you wash them with.  All of these things can be environmentally friendly and safe for your four legged companions.

If you are interested in getting a pet for the family instead of rushing off to a breeder or pet store take a look at  There are 375,141 adoptable pets online from more than 13,000 adoption groups.  Make your own happy tail by adopting a pet into his/her forever home.

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I am a rescue mom.  I have adopted two, four legged, furry companions from Petfinder, and would do it again.  I always recommend people to take a look at the thousands available pets online before they make a decision on a pet.  I couldn’t ask for better dogs.  Stella, an Australian cattle dog, I adopted when she was 8 weeks old, and Jax, a German pointer/ Australian shepherd mix at 4 months.  There are pets of all sizes, ages, shapes and colors and I’m sure you would find one that will fit in with your family lifestyle.

To make their lives better at home I use eco-friendly products that are safe for me and my pets. Five green cleaning products that are safe for you and your pets include:

1)    Seventh Generation- A Vermont based company and the nation’s leader in household and personal care products.

2)    Ecover- Plant based ingredients, no chemicals used.

3)    Method- Home and personal care items that are non-toxic, made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, tough on dirt and easy on the planet.

4)    Mrs. Meyers- Ammonia, chlorine, bleach, paraben and phosphate free and most importantly not tested on animals.

5)    Green Works- Naturally derived coconut and plant based with no bleach or phosphates. 

Not only are these products safe for you and your pets, but the companies are doing their part to be sustainable and take care of the environment.

From cleaning your house to cleaning your pets, products used during bath time should not have any harsh chemicals.  Let’s face it; bath time isn’t always your pets favorite time.  Whether bathing them in the tub, or shower inside, or outside with the hose, using products with natural ingredients are less harmful on you and your pets.  Vets Best is a line of pet products with natural ingredients.  Take a spin on the pet solution wheel at, to get the right products for your dogs every need. 

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Bathing your pets regularly is a preventative against those pesky fleas and ticks. Besides bathing regularly, other preventatives against fleas include: vacuuming your house at least once a week and empting the bag (I don’t know about you, but I vacuum like once a day with my pets), washing pets linens weekly, and of course a good brushing is in order with a fine tooth comb.  After all this…

Dinner time: its 5 o’clock and the dogs need to eat NOW! Do you look at ingredients on packages when you are at the grocery store for food you buy yourself?  If so you should also take a look at what ingredients are in your dog’s food.  According to Greenopia, the experts on green living, there are 8 different brands of dog and cat food that are the “greenist”.

1)    Brandon Farms

2)    By Nature

3)    Castor & Pollux Organix

4)    Dick Van Patterns Natural Balance- Organic formulas

5)    Honest Kitchen

6)    Karma Organic

7)    Natural Planet

8)    Newman’s Own Organic

So after you have cleaned the house, washed and fed the pets it’s time to give your dog something to wag about… Play time! There are many different toys out there you can buy for your pooch, but before you go shopping you can see what you have around the house… an old soccer ball or stuffed animal the kids don’t play with anymore or an old dish rag tied in knots for tug-o-war.   There are plenty of ways to repurpose household finds for your pets.  When you do go buy your pups a present make sure they are BPA free, made of natural rubber or wood with no pvc, or hazardous stains/dyes.  Some of Stella, Jax, and Zoe’s favorite toys include:

1)    Aussie Natural dog toys: made from 100% natural and sustainable materials like wool, cotton rope and jute.  All tested on Atlanta, GA toughest rescue dogs.

2)    Orbee-Tuff® toys from

3)    RuffWear® Eco-Sensitive Gear: Lunker™, TurnUp™, Gourdo™ and Sqwash™, all made from eco-friendly materials.

At the end of the day if you’re living a healthy green lifestyle your pet/s should be too…  Now curl up on the sofa with your four legged companion and dream green.



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